Today i finally managed to completely finish the first draft of my unit 19 questions and sent them to my instructor so that they can be marked and returned to me so that i can adjust some of the answers to make sure that we know about different methods of testing and installing different equipment. I dragged them on so that it preoccupied most of the day, I finished with about 1 hour left so i decided to play a few games of geoguessr I’ve become somewhat addicted to this game , basically your given a random location from google maps and you have to work out where you are based on what you see such as : signs , famous landmarks and the landscape it is really addictive game and i have often wasted hours playing it.

The day went by really slow and i couldn’t wait to finish for the weekend, i found myself staring at the clock waiting for the time to be 3 o’clock but no matter how long i look at it never moved any quicker. Once again my instructor tried to help make that day go quicker by breaking it down so that we could learn about different things it also gave us a break from sitting at our desks slowly typing out the answers so today we were meant to be learning about the different types of couplers however due to an issue with the computer Carl my instructor couldn’t open up the power point so we couldn’t get taught about them. we also got some practise on reading micrometer and veneer scales, i didn’t do too well on the veneer scales in fact i only got 2 out of 14 whereas on the micrometer i managed to get 8 out of 14 ( i think some practice is required ).

After college today i spent the rest of the evening relaxing before my driving lesson , once i had returned from my lesson i enjoyed spending the evening relaxing by talking to my gorgeous girlfriend emily and having a great home cooked meal. Due to the bad weather over in hull i didn’t get chance to get any photos so I’m hoping to go ut out early tomorrow with my tripod and get some good photos of thornton dale.




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