I would spend the whole blog talking about what i did today like i usually do but i thought that it would be a waste of time as i spend the whole day just sat in the IT suite working on my questions all day and trust me it certainly drags it makes a day feel like weeks and time goes really slow i often find myself spending aged just staring at the time thinking that if i watch it for long enough that that it will make time go quicker but it never does. ( oh well at least its something to do )

Today has been the most boring day that I’ve had for a long time , the instructors even tried to make the day less boring by splitting up the time spent in the computer room by taking us into another room and spent some teaching us a lesson about Chains and chain drives and the various ways that they should be maintained including : How to tension a chain, the types of lubrication , How they should be installed so that they work with out damage. Although this helped break up the day it but it didn’t spike my interest and i spent the rest of the day wanting it to be hometime.

After college i came back to my room and spent the evening relaxing and unwinding . I even played a few games with some of the lads ( i played well i managed to pot 3 balls consecutively ). I am looking forward to the weekend as this week has been super boring. ( Roll on the weekend !!)



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