Pinch , punch first of the month. its the first of June today and that means that it is only 14 days until pay day and its another month closer till my holiday in Belfast with Emily and her family. Although I’ve never been on a plane i am rather looking forward to the whole experience , there also is another experience that I’m looking forward to and that is been able to house sit for my parents while they are away for there usual holiday. I would usually go with them but this year I’m working and don’t really fancy taking time off to go with them so i decided to stay at home and look after the house.

Today was much The same as yesterday i spent the whole of the day just sat in a lousy computer room just slowly typing out my answers to the many questions that i have been given to complete as part of my qualification,  I am slowly getting though them I’ve only got 7 more questions to go i reckon that i can possibly Finnish all of the questions by tomorrow as i can usually work in a very productive way and am quite proactive about the way i type but given that its looking like i will spending the rest of the week in that boring ICT room so i might try to drag it out so that it fills up the rest of my week. Much like yesterday i was becoming more distracted as the day went by and i spent an increasing time browsing the internet about topics that are completely unrelated to the task that I’m doing but they help keep me from going brain dead.

I was looking forward to coming home from college and been able to enjoy a gorgeous and delicious pizza but we were kept waiting for over 2 hours and it didn’t get here until 19:15. by that time i was starving as were the rest of us and our patience was wearing thin and we got board so we played a game or headers with the spare football , it was great fun and we had a laugh.



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