At college today i spent the whole day stuck inside a boring old computer suite doing questions all day. In all fairness i needed to do them in order to complete my qualifications that i need, there are 29 questions that i need to complete and today i managed to do up to question 16 which i think is a good start to them, only 13 more to go. Our instructor is away for the week so it looks like we will be spending a few days in the computer room so i might as well make the most of it. There is one positive aspect to doing the questions is that they are the same for everyone meaning that if I’m ever stuck on a question and i don’t know what to write i can always ask someone who has already done that question for help with how to word it.

By the end of the day my focus was at an all time low ( I lasted the most focused for the longest !!) and i kept browsing the internet every few minutes just to keep me sain , but despite procrastinating on the internet for most of the final few hours i still managed to provide answers for 4 questions , so i still count that as been a productive afternoon to the day. To spend the day in a class room filling out questions gets me very board and i find it too easy to be distracted however in most cases i am able to keep focused on the task but today was slightly longer then i could bear.

I was relived when it came to the end of the day as it meant that i could finally leave that room and do something other than spending hours typing at a computer , We had arranged to play 5 a side football after college and today i was more eager than ever to play as it gave me a chance to let of steam and get out in the air.

1.5 hours Later the game was over and i was shattered and most of my muscles were aching (I bet that i will be stiff tomorrow ) but i am glad that i went as i feel a load better , i didn’t manage to score a goal but i did get some good passes so i can’t complain too much.



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