Today was the day that i had been dreading. it was the day where i had to say good bye to emily as she needed to return home and i needed to get ready for college tomorrow. I woke up early so that i could go and spend as much time as possible with Emily before we had to go the the station.

We had a few hours to kill before my parents dropped us off at the station so we spent the time we had left cuddling up on the sofa while watching TV ( I love cuddling up with emily she is really warm ). We got dropped off at the station for just before 9 am this gave us some time to get on to the platform and time for us to check to make sure we have packed everything ( luckily we had everything that we needed ).

The Malton train was Surprisingly busy when we got onto it, we didn’t manage to get a seat on the train so the door way was where we spent the majority of the 20 minute journey to York. due to the Bank holiday Emilys train wasn’t expected into York until 10:35 so we found a bench to perch ourself on before the train arrived. Looking at Emily in the light at the station made me realise just how lucky i am to be her boyfriend she is stunning and i truly love her.

After i watched Emilys train depart from the station i returned home and spent the rest of the day watching various films and TV shows including : Astroboy , Gavin and stacey , Doctor who and Emmerdale, these helped distract me from missing Em but i still missed her like mad . I can’t wait till she comes again.

PS : All the Photos I took yesterday are below , Hope you enjoy them.




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