Today has been great , I spend all of today just relaxing with Emily watching films and generally having tones of fun , we had to go to Pickering to pick up my new set of glasses that had special adaptive lens that changed colour depending on the light levels so that I didn’t have to squint while driving in the sun . 

After we got back me and Emily spend the whole afternoon watching TV and cuddling . I don’t know why but Emily somehow managed to fall asleep on me for around 2 hours ( didn’t realise I was that comfortable ) she looks so cute while she sleeps !! 

This evening we desided to go to the sea front ( of course I drove 😎 ) , while we were there we visted the 2 pence slots and spent ages putting the Spaire change into the mechines . After we had spent around £5 on the mechines we left and had won 366 tickets witch we spent on minion bubbles ( I know how young are we !! ) 

Today was a great day , hope I have more like today !! 



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