After I had finished the transverse conveyer belt yesterday , I was tasked with assembling a transmission unit . Although the construction was relatively simple and was basically 2 panels held apart by spacers with 2 shafts running thought it , they connected to the pullys together using a belt . And as you can imagine these two shafts needed aligning so I spent pretty much the whole day adjusting and then readjusting the angle of the shafts so that the belt could be fitted and runs correctly . 

By the end of the day I had managed to correctly align the shafts and learnt different methods to align the shafts . It didn’t take long before I was pretty fed up with the whole thing but luckily I persevered with it and got it finally alighted and the belts correctly tensioned . 

I had been looking forward to finishing college all day because after college I was meating Emily at York as she is spending the long weekend at mine , I love spending time with her she makes me so happy . After I had finished my driving lesson we desired to have a take awway for tea . ( although I was meant to be on I diet it didn’t take much persuasion for me to eat the pizza ). We spent the rest of the evening watching ‘spy ‘ . I love spending time with her she is perfect for me .



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