Today at college i managed to finish the conveyer belt that i started the other day, Although the way it works is rather simple , the construction has lots of individual parts that require lots of repetitive work to install them so i took slightly longer then i wanted it to. After i had completely rebuilt it and checked that it worked correctly i was then tasked with stripping down a transverse conveyer this type is somewhat similar to the other type of conveyer belts but this type has on major difference that is that it has a chain running along its length which provides rotary movement to the rollers and it also consists of smaller belts the run adjacent to the rollers . The main reason where you would this type of conveyer is when you require a conveyer belt that can sometime move items to the right and down a separate conveyer, to help control which items are sent down the different paths the Belts are located on a platform that be risen or lowered to push the necessary items across.

After college , i decided to go on a short walk so that i could take some different photos. I went over to the train station and tried to take some different photos of the metal work and various signs of interest, i then walked across to the local costa , i bought a luxury hot chocolate and drank it as i walked back to my flat , it was a nice calming walk and gave me time to think.



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