I woke up around 6:30 this morning , i blame the sun as it manages to shine in though and wake me up, but this morning it appeared to be brighter than usual. It was stunning the light illuminating the trees down on the street and the building opposite looked like it was created using CGI , although many people dislike where i live there are some good views given the right circumstances. The beautiful view outside gave me a positive outlook about the day ahead and put me in a good mood , i always like these starts to the days they usually come when you least expect it.

College today was one of those days where your stuck inside and although the content is very interesting and relevant you can’t manage to keep focused no matter what you do, i was having one of those day i was spending all day in a stuffy room being taught the different types of fasteners and thread identification but despite the topic being fairly interesting to me i couldn’t manage to keep focused as much as i wanted to. The time slowly went by and after what felt like weeks but in reality was only a few hours it was lunch.

After lunch i went to do my ICT exam , i entered the exam feeling fairly confident but as time progressed my confidence quickly dropped and by the end of the exam i didn’t feel confident at all . ( I gave it my best shot)

I didn’t do much after college i mostly spent my time watching films on my laptop or Talking to my gorgeous girlfriend,despite not really doing much  i was relaxing which i think is equally important .  I was planning on going out with my camera and taking some unique photography but once again the weather turned and it started raining pretty hard and unfortunately my camera isn’t water proof so i couldn’t go out ( i didn’t fancy risking my camera ).



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