We finally managed to correctly  align the pulleys so that they were aligned though the centres. the reason it was taking to long was because the top shaft wasn’t correctly aligned with the frame so every time we checked it there would be a slight deviation and it would show no matter what we did to try and correct it. After finding out and adjusting the top shaft to its correct position we managed to spend just over an hour getting the two shafts properly aligned .

Our instructor then told us that we could begin work on a section of the conveyer belt system . After starting to strip it down i discovered that although the conveyer system is very big it is has quite a basic construction and is only powered by a small motor that is mounted on to the side and it turns a shaft that has gears with teeth that mesh with the links on the conveyer, these gears in turn pull the conveyer belt along. On the underside of it there are many rollers which help the belt to glide along the track.

After college we had arranged to have a game of football , it was booked for 5 but we ended up just going straight from college to plan. And as a result we managed to get just over 1.5 hours worth of gameplay instead of the usually 1 hour it still cost the same (thats what i call a result !! ). Although i didn’t manage to score any goals i did manage to get a lot more touches on the ball so i was controlling it more and completing successful passes to other teammates.

I spent the evening chilling and relaxing after my intense game of football so i decided to listen to some podcasts while playing on my playstation. I was listening to a really interesting BBC Radio 4 podcast called “Putting Science to Work ” and for some strange reason i really connected to in and enjoyed listening to the various discussions that were taking place, while listening to the podcast i was also playing on my playstation and to be honest it was very relaxing just listening to the podcast and i think i certainly will listen to a lot more.

Last night i signed up to a website called  Gurushots, its a website where users can upload there photos into various different competitions and then then other users can vote fro the photos that they like and at the end of the competition the winners will receive different prizes. Most of my photos have been uploaded onto there and some have been entered into different competitions .



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