Today at college we started work on dismantling a large fan assembly , it was made up of a motor , Pulley and fan, i was pretty easily constructed mostly just bolted together so taking it apart was pretty easy however we still took our time to make sure that everything was marked up so that it could back together the same way.

We spent most of the morning taking it apart and carefully laying out all the parts so that when it came time to rebuild it , we could see where the parts go and which parts are left to put back. It was all going well until we started installing the belts that transfer the drive up from the motor to the fan shaft , this became problematic as we couldn’t manage to get the two shafts completely aligned so that when the belts where installed they were under unnecessary strain.

We spent a total of 4.5 hours trying to adjust the motor positioning so that the belt fitted correctly but when it came to the end of the day we still didn’t manage to correctly align the pulleys so we will have to continue to align them tomorrow morning ( oh the joys ).

Before college today i managed to read a few paged of : The Disclaimer before college this morning , I’m hoping to spend a few minutes reeding before college , this evening i spent some time listening to some podcasts about 3d printing and its future with in the natural world. (It was very interesting listening to the report and i certainly learnt a few things.)

PS . I’ve signed up for Adobe Photography plan and will be using Photoshop to edit my photos so keep any eye out for any new photos and editing techniques.



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