As usual I woke up early around 6:30 to be precise but I switched of my alarm and took my phone back to bed with me so I didn’t actually get out of bed until my mother woke me up at 8:50 as we were going to go to Pickering as I had some glasses to collect . However when I got to the opticians and they started to fit them the frame snapped. They have had to order a new frame so that the lenses can be fitted into it

After I left the opticians I drove back home so that I could have some breakfast before I had to drive on to Ruston to have my weekly therapy session, luckily we left home early as when we got to snainton there were large road works with traffic lights which backed up the traffic luckily as I left earlier we weren’t caught up in it for too long. I arrived in Ruston slightly earlier than needed so while I was waiting I practiced one of my manoeuvres, I did a reverse round a corner so that I could turn my car around.

When I got home from my therapy I started to move the majority of my books from the back bedroom up to my current bed room during moving them I sorted them into two plea one was full of books that I was going to keep and the other one was full of books that I want to sell / give away to make more space in my room so that I can store more stuff within my newly refurbished room.

Emily s been at a work from 10 – 3 so I’ve had to spend the day alone , I couldn’t even text her  (life sucks ) , so to help pass the time I’ve been watching some episodes of Sherlock the TV series. I managed to watch : The study in Pink and The blind Banker.  I love watching Sherlock its relaxing and I love his ability to be able to deduce the truth from the smallest of information that he gathers, I spent the evening talking to Emily making up the lost time.

Over the last few days iv created a list of different goals that I am hoping to do/ achieve :

  • Read more
  • Change my personality back to my original
  • Learn to code
  • Start creating vlogs
  • Make more
  • Take more photographs

These are all goals that am working towards in the future some are going to take longer than others but I’m looing forward to the results. I’ve set these goals to develop how I think and to become more creative. I will of course be documenting about these different changes and how it is effecting me.




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