Today we continued working in the workshop continuing with the work that we started yesterday, this consisted of stripping down a actuator and then rebuilding it, when we took the side covers off we recovered how it worked. It uses two paddles with teeth on them to rotate a shaft 180 degrees which in turn operates a valve.

After we had fully reassembled the actuator we were then tasked with stripping down and rebuilding a lathe chuck making sure to follow the instructions so that it fits into the lathe correctly and that it can be locked in place while in operation. It was a fairly intricate  construction with many different parts many of these parts required a lot of adjusting until they fitted correctly.

Once we had finished both the chuck and the actuator i then made a start on answering the end of unit questions that were given to us when we started the mechanical section. Although these question aren’t due in for a few weeks i made some a start on them so that i have less work to do later on.

when I finished college I got a lift to Seamer from another student who lived there , the plan was that my parents were going to pick me up so that i could get home for 6:00 Pm as i had a driving lesson. however due to a large number of construction works my mum was delayed in picking me up , so while i was waiting i took some photos to capture the views. (see below )



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