19 – 5 – 16

Today we were back on the shop floor , and again we were stripping down components back down to there core parts. We were instructed to dismantle a rising stem valve , these are a type of valve that lowers gate across the pipe stopping the flow though the pipe, another advantage of this type of valve is that the shaft in the centre rises above the main body of the valve this is a useful feature as it clearly shows weather or not the valve is open just by quickly glancing over the valve. ( Below there is a drawing of the vale to further illustrate this concept )


After we had stripped and rebuilt the valve, we got show how to create a gasket to seal the vive in place when it is attached to other pipe work. I learnt that there are a few ways that you can create a gasket.

1). use a ball and peen hammer and knock out a gasket

2). Measure the area that the gasket needs to go in place and then mark the material out so that the correct shape can then be cut.

I was also showed how to correctly measure and draw a flange so that all the holes are correctly lined up and are set to the correct angle apart, by the end i was able to create a flange with : 2 , 3 , 4 , 6 , 8 and 12 holes all correctly spaced out. I was quite impressed with been able to create something with correctly spaced holes and to the correct size using nothing other than some basic measuring equipment and a compass. I love learning different ways of doing things in my opinion it helps to widen my knowledge.




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