Today at college we spent the day in the class room doing a lesson on the different types of bearings and what the various advantages are of each type of bearing, and developed a basic understanding about how they work and how to use them , i found the lesson somewhat useful as it backed up what we have learnt over the last few days dismantling equipment. I now feel like i have a deeper understanding of the theory behind the useful bearing.

However despite enjoying the content of the lesson , i has some issues with remaining focused for that amount of time, i realised just how board i was when we were watching a video about the various types of bearings i nearly fell asleep. luckily for me i wasn’t the only one who felt like that in fact someone actually feel asleep while in the lesson.

After spending all day in the class room we were glad when it came to time to leave, i really wanted to go and take some street photography when i returned from college, but when i got back from college and had gotten change ready to go out it started to rain fairly heavy. I remind determined to get a few photos before the rain got too heavy so i walked down the side of my flat building to get some photos of the demolition work thats happening opposite. (see photos below )



After i got back from my quick walk i spent the rest of the evening chilling with Emily , i love talking to Emily it gives me time to be talk about our days and about what we have found annoying or funny, I love her so much and i can’t imagine been without her. On a related note Today is our 14 months anniversary , the time as gone so quick and i have created so many happy memories with Emily and i hope for many more to come.



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