Today we were doing much the same as we did yesterday. we stripped down : A gear box , shaft alignment and finally a motor and pump assembly. Each object that we stripped down has given me a unique look into different ways that things are installed and how to maintain the various types of equipment.

Ive been waiting ages to start on the mechanical section as I’ve always been keen to get a deeper understanding of how the word works . i suppose that was why i wanted to pursue a career in engineering to further develop my understanding about how things work, and since starting this job my knowledge has grown and grown . its amazing to think just how much knowledge I’ve gotten since September and the skills that i have developed.

After college We decided to go and play foot ball , i have never really been good at football, last week i kept accidentally kicking people in the shin , but somehow I’ve manage to improve drastically , i even managed to score 2 goals and safe a few good goals, i had a laugh for the first time while playing football when i usually play football i don’t usually have much of a laugh but tonight i really enjoyed the game , i hope this can continue in the future.



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