Today was the Day after waiting for what felt like months we have finally began work on our mechanical training which was a great relief for me as I’ve been wanting to start the next section for a few weeks and I’ve been getting a bit annoyed at the fact that it had been   put back a few times.

We started off by going though the workshop and where all the necessary tools were located. after we had the workshop tour we sorted out a lifting plan so that we could move an assembly from the storage shelfs over to our work tables. we where working in groups of 3 so that there were enough tools to go around. my group was given a shaft alignment assembly to move over to our worktables, we chose to lift the Assembly to the table by using the hydraulic trolly so that the bed can be raised up to the correct height so that it could be easily be moved over safely.

Once we had moved the Shaft alignment assembly onto our table we started to dismantle it using the various sockets and spanners that were given to us to use. As we worked though dismantling the Rig we laid  out all the components in a systematic order so that when it came to reassembling it. One of the instructors then showed us the correct way to align up the shafts, after several hours of trail and error we had finally got the two shafts correctly  aligned so that the spider coupler could be installed correctly.

Overall today was a good start to the new unit , i hope we are able to Finnish the mechanical units ahead of time so we have more time in company.



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