Today I was once again woken up at 6:00 as i keep forgetting to change my alarm, i watched the rest of Bad neighbours, i find this film absolutely hilarious i am always smiling and laughing all the way though the film. I am hoping that i can go and see the sequel the main cast includes : Selena Gomez ,Seth Rogen and  Zac Efron . Ive been really hyped about the sequel ever since it was announced.

After I finished watching Bad neighbours I face-timed Emily for 45 minutes . it was really good been able to take to Emily she really helps to make my day better and without her id be lost. After i had spoken the emily I drove my parents over to visit my grandparents, it is always good to catch up with then and talk to them about any news they have.

Following this we went to the local cafe called “warrington” for me it has become some sort of tradition, every Sunday we go and have cakes and drinks , it was really nice going there the food is always really nice. When i got home   i thought it would be a good idea to dismantle a clock mechanism to figure out how it worked. After i had removed the outer casing i found many different sized gears and a small motor. I then place all the components out on my desk and presented them so that the could be photographed. (the Photo can be found below ) IMG_0900

Later on my Auntie came over so while she was over i showed her my new car, we want for a short drive to show off the car. when we got back from our little drive my mum and dad suggested that we go for a walk to the little village of Elerburn and the surrounding area, i took my camera out on the walk and managed to capture some really good photos of the stunning views and the local wild life. it was a good walk and i enjoyed been out with my family, luckily the weather was really nice.

Hope you like the photos .



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