Today has been a good day , i woke up at around 9:40 am. Which worked out really well because i needed to get up early so that i could drive to pickering to get out some money out of the ATM before i needed to go to my counselling session in Ruston.

Since i have bought my new car i haven’t wasted any time getting practice driving around in it. Today i drove to pickering then to Ruston, and back to pickering all this driving that I’ve been doing is helping to build up my confidence and understanding of how to deal with situations better. For Example i am able to handle traffic better and i feel more confident around junctions.

During the day i have started work on designing the frame for my trike project that i have been slowly working on over the last few weeks. First i looked on the internet at other peoples trikes to get inspiration for how to create the frame. Once i had a good understanding of how the frame would look like i then sketched out an idea of how it would look in my notebook. After i was happy with the look of the frame , i then re-drew up the frame on Graph paper this helped me to finalise the design and get all the measurements down. I could then use the design to create a 3D CAD model to finalise all of the details required to begin construction. The CAD model will enable me to work out the total amount of material needed and it also gives me an idea of which parts need to be sent away to be machined using an external company.

(photos are below )



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