I was hoping that i could have a nice long lie in today with me been off college , but unfortunately i forgot to switch off my alarm on my phone which meant that i got woken up at 6:24 (not Happy with my self  !!) .

Despite been woken up early to has been a good day, the weather has been a bit miserable all day it looks over cast and has been trying to rain all day luckily i didn’t get caught out in the rain. I spent the majority of the time inside my room today eating funny videos of cats !!

Today i needed to go to the back and sort out the money all the money needed to buy my first car , while i was in pickering i visited the optician to enquire about some new glasses that could change colour when they are exposed to more sunlight. Ive been wanting to look at these type of glasses ever since i first started driving because they would help me to maintain my visibly when driving durning sunny conditions, so after talking to the sales lady i chose a frame that i liked and that i could easily afford.

After i had done all the jobs i needed to do i met up with my mum and had lunch with her before i has to catch the buss back and my mum had to go to work, once i got home i had a few hours to kill so i spent a few hours on FaceTime with my wonderful girlfriend until i had to go for my driving lesson from 3:30 till 17:30.

When i returned from my driving lesson my mum was waiting for me so that we could go over to the garage and pick up my new car.  I drove it home from the garage , and it drove really well light on the steering and i ran really well. very pleased i bought it.

(photos are below )




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