Today at college was very boring we spent all morning removing screws from our work areas and switching the wooden boards round so that next years apprentices have a clean workplace to mount their components one. This took a few hours to do as it was very repetitive and we a had around 24 boards to do so it took a few hours to check all the boards and Turn them around if they needed it.

we also had to cut up some Plywood into sheets of 30 cm wide , we did this so that some of our work bays could have a wooden bored mounted to the top so that the next students can use the wooden boards to work on over head lighting. Fisted we used a saw to cut them down to the correct size , then we cut down some unistrut so that the boards can be mounted to the frame .

I was sent home from college at 14:25 and told not to return until Monday as they couldn’t find me anything to do so i was sent home. I got a train home and during that journey i managed to take a few photos out of the trains window , and while i was waiting for my train at York i used my trusty camera to take a few photos .




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