Today College was all over the place , we were meant to be taking a mock ICT exam , but unfortunately the computer system went down so we were unable to do any work . Just typical . So instead of doing computer work we were allowed to do what we want. so i watched the start of ” Bad Neighbours”.

However just after i stared watching Bad Neighbours one of the other instructors , come into the room and said that we all had to put on our overalls and boots on so that we could go down stairs and help to clean the workshop with all the other apprentices, this caused a lot of tension and it pissed of a few people , to be honest it pissed of me quite a lot because for the last few weeks we have spent most days in the class room being bored playing on our phones.

Luckily for us one of the senior managers at College didn’t like the idea of us been stuck around for hours doing nothing so he told us that once we had cleaned the workshop to a high standard , we didn’t mind doing that as long as when it was clean we could go home early. After a few boring hours of cleaning the workshop , we were finally allowed to go at 14:30 , so i had a few hours to kill .

After spending a few hours just chilling a few of us decided it would be a good idea to go and play i few games of bowling. i of course wanted to go as it got me out of my room. we had 2 great games and of course i came last (big surprise ) but we just had a laugh and to be honest i haven’t felt this good for a while . i think i am finally making connections and managing to keep my thinking at bay.



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