I had a longer than usual lie in, i woke up at 6:50 because i forgot to set the alarm on my phone ,  but luckily for me i remembered to set my digital alarm on my clock. so i managed to wake up in time that i could get ready for college.

College today was much the same as Monday i was continuing the work from yesterday , we drilled and mounted the wooden board to the structure which took slightly longer than expected . We used 6mm roofing bolts with penny washers to fasten the board back , the bolts were attached to zebadee  which was placed in the uni-strut  and when tightened it pulled back the board holding it in place. Once all the mechanical work was done it was time to rewire up the new components using 2.5mm cable , it was slow work that took ages to do as it had lots of fiddly work but we eventually finished, however we were missing a final component a 230V 3 pin socket which we would have to buy from the supplier.

We found out the we were only doing half a day today and that we could leave after lunch so we decided to go and play foot ball for a few hours but unfortunately the weather wasn’t  on our side and we played the entire football game in the rain. At least we weren’t too warm , it was a good game i apparently played better then i had done in the past however peoples shins took a bit of a battering, ( I hope they don’t think it was personal ). I got back to my flat around 3 pm and i just fell asleep for a few hours i was shattered.

Unfortunately i couldn’t take my camera out due to the bad weather so i couldn’t take any photos , hopefully it becomes brighter for tomorrow.



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