Today is a gorgeous day I woke up just 6;00 Am . It was actually the sun that woke me up  because i forgot to close my blinds the sun woke me up early . however it wasn’t such a bad think as it meant that i had more time to get a shower and get changed for work.

Just as i was going downstairs to get a lift with one of my friends , i found out that one of my colleagues bathroom was filling up with raw sewage . It was apparently coming up from the bottom of the shower and the water level in the toilet had risen to just below the top of the bowl. although i work on a sewage plant it still makes mw feel sick when it comes to sewage coming up though the shower .

College today was better than it was last week because i had some work to do so i wasn’t as board.I was working to update one of the bays that we do our work, it needed the cable tray moving out and some new components installing I managed to remove the old cable tray and get the replacement piece cut and mounted in to the correct place.

After college it was still absolutely gorgeous so i decided to change into summer clothes to relax and chill . i spent some time talking to Emily which always helps to boost my mood. we talked for just over an hour it was great.

Im hoping that this good weather continues into tomorrow because I’m hoping to get out with my camera and take some stunning photos in the sun light, but any way here are some photos i took the other day.




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