Today was a very good day , i woke up at 08:40 this morning which was later than i thought i would have gotten. After I woke up i spoke to emily for a few hours which is always fun , i love been able to talk to Emily about everything , she is my rock and i wouldn’t be as strong as i am now with out her .

After I had spoken to Emily i drove to my grandparents to spend some time with them , Visiting my grandparents has become somewhat of a tradition for my family . we always try to see my grandparents at least once a week. we are all very close to all areas of the family and we are always there for each other when times get hard.

While i was at my grandparents my mother was listening to her voice mails and she discovered that the sales person ,from the garage where i test drove a Car , was able to meet us today so that my dad could drive the car to make sure that it was suitable for me to buy . After taking the Honda for a test drive my dad was pleased that the car was suitable for me to buy , when we returned to the garage we put down a deposit so that i could pick it up later on in the week. (see below )

My new car. 

After the hype of putting a deposit on my car , i returned home where i did some more work on my motor bike engine , i managed to move  engine onto the sled and get it flat , i then used a piece of wood to ensure that it was kept upright. Once it was secure i started trying to figure out the electrics  to make the engine work, i managed to figure out how to wire up the electric starter .

At around 5:00 PM i set off driving to hull however we thought it would be a good idea to go into hull a different way , via bridlington , It was a good drive and i was put into a wide range of different situations , And i even drove in Hull . We stopped off in Bridlington to have some chips while i was there i took a photo of the docks . (see below)




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