Today i managed to have a little lie in ( i woke up at 08:45 ) i had just enough time to be able to FaceTime emily before i had to go to Ruston where i have my weekly session of therapy . I enjoy going to my therapy it gives me a chance to relive any stress that i may have been building up though out the week. also by talking to my therapist it helps me to control how i think and reduce the amount of overthinking that i do.

After i returned from my therapy i thought it would be a good idea to do some work on an old 125 cc motorbike engine that i had lying in our shed . I has been sat on a shelf in the shed untouched since i first removed it from its frame 3 years ago, so today i decided i might make the most of the good weather I’ve been having and do some work on the engine. Fist of all i had to create a platform where i could mount the motor on so that it can easily be moved if required.

To create the platform that the engine would rest on I used a 1 inch thick piece of plywood that i cut into a square , following this i drilled 4 x 10mm holes in the corners , these would hold the caster wheels so that the platform could easily be moved. Once the 10mm holes were drilled i used a 16mm spade bit to create an inset for casters , I then used 10mm nuts to fasten the caster wheels to the plywood . I then drilled two more holes that were positioned towards the front of the platform , I then used blue rope as handle so that i can easily drag it around if needed. (see photo )IMG_0673

Once i was happy with how the platform was looking , i started work on sorting out the electrical circuits that i had removed from the bike frame when i fist dismantled it, i sorted   though all of the wiring loom for the bike and identified what parts are required for the engine to start and what parts aren’t required for the engine to work.

On another note , i signed up for WordPress U which are session how to write better blog posts , there are 14 sessions and they get emailed to me every few days with different assignments for me to do , so if you see some different types of posts then thats the reason , hopefully i learn something new.



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