favourite blog of the week – 27/04/16

This weeks favourite blog is : Hamster Patrol.

The blog is written by an author who uses the pseudonym Hamster patrol while they write blog posts. for some reason I admire there creativity in the interesting name where as I stick to the plan and boring Dan.

However hat isn’t the only reason why I like reading his blog posts. Hamster patrol writes about a wide range of topics and they quote ” I like to swing the pendulum from angry-insightful to insane-addictive. “ this give the blog a random and more readable as the content that they write about can change every time. The author writes the posts with an interesting  style that gives the reader all the information and has a way of  clearly getting there point across while still having a sense of humour, in my opinion this makes a blog post a lot more interesting and more readable.

I would definitely recommend that you have a look at there blog to see if it interests you as I have thoroughly enjoyed all the posts : https://hamsterpatrol.com





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