mood blog – 27/04/16

Over the last week I’ve been doing a wide verity of different jobs and tasks around the different sites that Yorkshire water control, it’s been a very interesting week and I’ve learned a huge variety of new skills. However due to been only 17 I am unable to do much but I am able to observe what my mentor is doing for me this is just as useful as it means that I get to observe how other people complete the tasks.

Overall my mood has been all over the place over the last week it started positive however by Wednesday it has dropped quite low but despite my low mood I was still focused on watching my mentor work and how he overcame the different issues that he came across.

 I think one of main reasons why my mood dropped was because on Wednesday I had a meeting with my manager who said that I was changing department from Engineering reliability to another depart called Asset management. this new department involves more office based work which is something that I didn’t see myself doing as it is something that doesn’t really interest me and as a result of not having as much of an interest I wouldn’t be as determined or as focused.

 After hearing this I was left with a lot of questions like: what qualifications will I archive, Is there any other options, is there any way I can complete my existing apprenticeship, I wanted to ask these different questions but felt that I was unable to as I felt somewhat pressured down the office based route without really much choice in the matter. Luckily for me my mentor who I had spent the last week working alongside was a union reprehensive and after telling him about what my manager had said to me he offered to help me fight for my apprenticeship as he believed that I had been treated without any consideration as they had just put me into a job that requires them to do the least amount of paper work.

So after talking to my mentor about it we had arranged a meeting with my manager to discuss the options that are available to us , I am excited and nervous about how the meeting might go but I just have to wait and see and hope for the best.




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