MacBook Pro – Review

I had been thinking about Editing my Photos that I have been taking for a few weeks but soon realised that my current laptop (Microsoft surface 3) is unable to run any high end photo editing software as it simply isn’t deigned to run them, so in order to be able to do any photo editing I would need to use a computer that could run the suitable software needed. After looking online and talking to a lot of different people I came to the conclusion that I should make the leap from windows to Mac because Mac’s have the power to run the software that I was looking at using.


          2.7GHz dual core i5

          8Gb Ram

          128Gb flash storage

          13-inch retina display

          Intel Iris graphics 600

          HD Camera

          Two thunder bolts ports

          SDXC Card slot

          Headphone port

          Wifi and Bluetooth

          Backlit keyboard

Useful features

With the MacBook Pro it comes pre-loaded with a wide range of useful features that aim to help with different tasks that the user may come across. One of the more significant features that comes with this model of MacBook pro is the addition of the force track pad, this is an interesting feature as it adds a new way to interact with the Mac. It’s designed to be sleeker and give a more uniform click where ever you click, when I was using the force Pad I noticed that in some cases I could click once and then press harder to give another click much like a double click. This has some useful applications the one that I mostly use it for is when I am reading an article on the internet and I come across a word that I don’t fully understand I can use this force click to find the definition online.

Another useful feature is the Weight of the hinge that holds the display to the main body, the reason I am mentioning this is because it has been designed perfectly in my opinion. When I open the pro I don’t need to hold the base when opening it this gives a sleek design that really appeals to me.

The backlit keyboard helps to clearly display the keys while working in dim or low light. I have found this very useful when working while traveling on public transport the brightness of the key board can be controlled by the buttons located on the keyboard I find this very useful as it means that you don’t have to waste time by trying to find in under some hidden settings.


I have been using the Mac book for A variety of different tasks including: web browsing, Photo editing, video calling and watching films. While performing these tasks I have managed to get a solid 9 hours’ battery life, which is plenty for me as it usually lasts the whole day and I only need to charge it before I go to bed.


The crisp retina display is perfect for me as it shows my photos in outstanding beauty which is a must have as it means that the image that is shown on the screen is how it actually looks when printed out, another great and very useful feature is the fact that the display isn’t effected by light unlike most computer / laptop screens this is very useful if working outside as it means that the Image quality is maintained even in bright environments

Operating system

One of the most obvious changes that I have experienced with using the MacBook pro is the fact that it doesn’t use windows as its operating system and at first I was a bit sceptical about changing over to the Mac based system as it was like relearning an entire computer system, however soon after I had started using the different operating system I realised that it wasn’t much different from the windows operating system that I have used for many years. Some of the changes that I have noticed are: more reliable, less prone to viruses, more stable, able to work better with hardware and it is more user friendly.


In conclusion the MacBook pro is a very capable Laptop that is very well built and is designed so that it can handle almost any tasks that are required of it and is certainly capable of running the software that I need it to, however I will be continuing to use my Microsoft based computer for note making and research as it is very light weight. But I would recommend getting the MacBook pro if you require a highly capable laptop that can run high end software with no issues, however I believe that it is important to bear in mind that if you are currently using a windows based system and would like to change over to a Mac based system the operating system may leave you feeling at a loose end but if you stick at it you should be able to find some common similarities between the two. The overall quality of the MacBook is very highly crafted and it looks fantastic and it just works without any issues in fact it took only 13 minutes to get started from first powering up the device.

, Dan


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