Mood blog – 17/04/16

My mood over the last week has been mostly positive and as a result I have managed to complete all of my work with no issues, to be honest I am very surprised that my mood has managed to stay as high as it has done, it might have something to do with the fact that this was my final week for the electrical side of my Apprenticeship meaning that I have completed  all of the units that are required for my electrical engineer qualification I now only have to complete the work side of my apprenticeship this can be worked on when I return into my company in the next Few months. Completing this section of my training gave me a massive motivational boost as it proves to myself how hard I’ve been working over the last 7 months, however during this time there has been a few setbacks that have resulted in me Having a few weeks off but despite this I have managed to catch up on the work that I had missed during my absent period.

On Thursday night I Drove back from Hull with my parents because I had finished all the units needed and as a result my company would like me to spend 2 weeks in company where we can meet our mentor and get some ideas about what it’s going to be like after I have finished my Training, so I’m looking forward to that, this also means that I will be spending the next 2 weeks back in my home town of Thornton Dale. Although I love living out in Hull nothing will ever beat being back I’m my own bed and having everything done for me (I have a feeling that over these next 2 weeks I am going to become very Lazy). However, there is one slight disadvantage and that is the fact that I have to get up early in order to get into work on time but I suppose I can’t complain too much as after all I get everything done for me when I am home.

Wednesday was one of the days where my mood dropped a little because I was cooped up inside a room all day with no air conditioning and we were going through an extremely boring power point and what didn’t help when the instructor was basically reading the information word for word in a monotonic voice this just made me very sleepy and as a result my levels of interest dropped to a low but luckily I still had enough motivation to make detailed notes on the subject ( my note making skills are top notch). After such a boring day I just wanted to spend my evening relaxing on Facetime with Emily but unfortunately I felt that I needed to do some revision on the subject so that I was confident. So I ended up revising while on Facetime which wasn’t as bad as I thought I was going to be. Earlier in the week I had agreed to go out with my colleagues for a meal as it was our last night over in Hull before we went into company. We decided to go out for a Chinese (something that I have never tried before) after asking around we found out that the best one that people had recommended was called “woksoever “. It was a good 20-minute drive from where we were staying. It was just after 7 when our cars arrived, we had to take 2 cars are too many people went to fit into one car, luckily there was only 3 people in the car which I travelled in. Overall the night was great I tried a lot of different food and I completely enjoyed it, will defiantly go again

I Spent Saturday with Emily and her wonderful family and in the morning we went to Worcester to have a look around, Emily’s family have been a few times before but I was yet to go so they decided to take me to visit it. While I was there we had a full English Breakfast from a local pub (it was very good) After this I took a few Photos around the city (they will be uploaded next Friday) and looked around the shops and the market stalled. We left Worchester around 1:00 PM so that we could be home in time for the football that Emily’s Dad was going to see, One the way back we called at a shop so that Emily could have her ears pierced as she has been wanting it done for a few weeks. At first I was worried about the procedure as it looked painful but soon realised that it is quick and quite painless.



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