Martian Book Review

Warning contains spoilers!!

Ever since I first saw the Trailer for The Martian I became somewhat obsessed with the Novel and the film, in fact it wasn’t long before I rushed on to Amazon to Order a Hard copy of The novel.

Main plot

The main plot for the Martian follows the actions of a stranded astronaut called Mark Watney who was presumed to have died and left behind by his crew when a manned mission to Mars goes wrong and has to be aborted early.

During the Abortion Process Mark gets hit by a piece of metal from the communication systems when mark gets hit it takes out his Health monitoring systems meaning that for the remainder of his crew they believe that he Dies. It isn’t until NASA request satellite images in preparation for the next Mars Mission that they realise that Mark must be alive because the solar panels had been cleaned and the rover had been moved.

NASA started to formulate a plan to rescue him using limited resources and try to rescue him before his food supply runs out. Luckily for Mark he is a trained botanist and mechanical engineer so he Is trained in growing crops in extreme conditions and he soon has a plan to start growing Potatoes as a food source.

Mark faces a wide verity of problems including: Causing an explosion while trying to create water by burning hydrogen, his HAB (habitat) rips causing a decompression and he even manages to pull himself out of the rover when it rolls over. But despite All these issues He manages to make it to the landing site for the Next Manned Mars mission where he modifies the Mars Ascent Vehicle (MAV) so that it has enough speed to break though the atmosphere and into low orbit where the remainder of His crew are able to rescue him safety.

Authors Writes style

The novel was written by Andy Weir in 2014 and his style is very interesting he has a way of capturing the audience’s attention and keeping them engrossed with the story. On top of this he makes the reader actually feel like they are stranded on mars with mark. The way in which Andy documents Watney’s actions is by the use of A log in which Mark documents all his actions.


In conclusion I would recommend this book to anyone who would like to read a Science fiction novel that has you being unable to but the book down, its full of nail biting moments where you are just thrown into sudden action and expected to just follow Mark on his fight for survival from his ups and his downs. His smart and witty sense of humour gives the novel a funny angle and at times I was laughing out loud.

5 out of 5 – recommend to anyone

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