Change of order

For the last few days I’ve been thinking about changing the content that I post on here and how detailed the post are. In my opinion I think my posts are short and don’t really cover the points that I’ve been wanting them to this is caused by having no plan to what I am posting before I post it this means that I don’t really get my point across.

One way I hope to improve this is by posting specific posts on certain days of the week, by doing this I hope to have more structure to when I post and what I post about.

There is a schedule for my posts:

Monday – Reviews

Wednesday – Favourite of the Week  

Friday – Selection of photos taken though the week

Sunday – Overview of mood though out the week

The above is my new weekly schedule of posts but there will occasionally be other posts, these could be monthly or bimonthly and will be updates about what’s going on behind the scenes such as current projects, upcoming events or just special posts.

This new schedule is starting Next week (week commencing the 11th of April )


On a side note I am working on a secret project that could affect my photography so stay tuned as more information will be revelled soon.



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