Good things come to those wait

Today was the day that I’ve been waiting for, it was the day when the DVLA have finally granted me my Provisional Licence which I have been waiting for around 9 months for. Lately my Managers from my work have been asking about it (because I need it to complete my work) so I’ve had a lot of pressure from work to make sure that I can have my licence. But ive finally been granted it and I should have it within a few days.

Now that I have finally have my provisional I can start having my lessons and hopefully I can take my theory as soon as possible and pass before I am required to do so by my contract the cut-off date for which is the 15th of September. Hopefully I can pass before the cut of date or talk to my manager to come to some sort of agreement because the reason it took so long to get the licence was down to some medical issues that I had suffered from a few months ago.

I am looking forward to leaving to drive and the freedom that comes with it.



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