Maker Mindset

For Many Years I have had a growing interest in the maker movement in America. The Movement is growing and moulding to cover more ground and as a result of this Kids and adults alike are learning new and transferable skills that can be used to create, design and make something out of nothing.

For me I have learnt a wide range of skills that I can use to do a lot of skills such as repairing water pipes, creating boxes from scrap, reusing damaged equipment and making something new from different equipment.

I am always pulling old equipment apart, finding out how it works, collecting useful parts and creating stuff, my parents have some issues with my interests because it often causes damage to the furniture or causes the Circuit breaker to trip plummeting the house into a black out much to the annoyance of my family. It’s like the other day I was working on an old microwave and I was figuring out how it worked but during this process I accidently burnt a hole in my mum’s rug. (sorry mum) Luckily my mum is very forgiving and was glad that it wasn’t her new carpet.

Personally I believe that it is important that future generations are able to make and create because It promotes problem solving, creative thinking and encourages children to have a greater interest with in science and technology. By getting more people interested in technology it helps to create and develop future technology’s and help to solve tomorrows issues.

For now I have no plans to stop doing what I am doing, why would I ,it’s become a way of life and I couldn’t imagine stopping it, I will always try to come up with new ways to solve problems and create solutions.



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