Everything must come to an end !

Today was the day both me and Emily were dreading because it is the day where we had to say good bye as she needed to go home, as I was back at college on Monday. We got a train from Malton to York, the train arrived into York at 10:35 so we had a few hours to spend together in York before Emily had to get on her Train to Birmingham at 12:30. After we left the Station we decided that we wanted to have some food and drink together so we headed to A costa that was around a 10-minute walk away from the train station. I had a chicken fajita with a hot chocolate along with cream and marshmallows whereas Emily only had a plain hot chocolate. It was great just sitting there spending time doing next to Nothing just enjoying the moment together.

After we had enjoyed the costa together we started walking back to the station looking around some of the shops as we walked. It was 12 o clock when we arrived at the station and Emily’s train wasn’t expected to arrive until 12:35 but despite the fact that we soon would have to say goodbye we managed to make the most of the time that we had left together, as Emily got onto her train my mood lowered and became sadder as the day went by.

I decided to spend a few hours in York after Emily left so that I could take some photos around York. This time I remembered to charge up my camera batteries before going so I had plenty of power to take a lot of interesting photos of the different types of buildings. I got some really good photos, I hope you enjoy.






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