An eventful day – 24/03/16



I’ve just arrived into hull station after an early start to the day. The train journey was long and boring but luckily I had my photography book to read during the never ending train journey. For me this feels weird being in Hull early in the morning and not having to go to college instead I have a few hours to kill before I am required to be at Hull royal for a follow up appointment to check up on my finger. My stomach is calling I think it’s time to find some food luckily Tesco is about a 2-minute walk and they do really nice breakfasts.


After going to the fracture clinic to check up on my finger I made my way to the train station to catch the return train to York. I am meeting Emily in York at around 14:30 as she I coming up from Birmingham to spend a week with me, its ok for her she has just over 2 weeks off where as I only get 11 days of it really sucks but I guess that’s life. So I am really looking forward to spending my week with her doing lots. I had breakfast at Tesco it was really good and filled me up a lot I also managed to get Emily her present because the other week (the 18th) it was our first anniversary so I’ve got her a present however I thought It was smaller than in actually was so I’ve had to carry this big parcel around hull luckily I have managed to get a seat on my train it also has a table which is good because I can rest my laptop on it and type (its where I am typing this). Is going to be another long journey but at least em’s waiting for me when I get there. 


I’ve just arrived in York and I am currently heading over to platform 10 where Emily’s train is expected to arrive in 5 minutes so I am going to surprise her by being there on her platform, however I need to relive myself before getting on the next train to Malton which is expected to leave at 14;40. Emily is smarter than I give her credit for, while I visited the toilet she had already gone to platform 5b to wait for the Next train. This resulted in me running around York station so that I didn’t miss our connection, luckily I made it before the train left. Once we arrived in Malton I had to get some money out from the ATM at ASDA to pay for the take away pizza that we are having for tea tonight. I have been looking forward to this for weeks I can’t believe its finally here.



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