We don’t understand how much we need something until its gone

The other day I was working on an electric motor checking it over making sure that It was suitable to use and performing the necessary checks on it such as: insulation resistance between the windings and continuity of the windings, however during checking the motor I misplaced a bolt that held the fan cover in place, while I was looking for the missing bolt I lifted up the motor to look under it but I underestimated the weight of the motor and had to quickly put it back down on the bench. In the rush to get the motor back onto the bench before it fell off I had forgotten where my right hand was and as a result I trapped my middle finger under the footplate of the motor.

After I freed my hand I quickly walked to the toilets to run my hand under cold water to try and numb the pain, luckily an electrical instructor saw me trap my hand and followed me to the toilets he saw that my hand was bleeding at this point the pain was starting to really take effect and I started to feel sick and dizzy by this time the instructor was leading me away to get my finger looked at and stop the bleeding. We had just gotten out of the toilets and were next to the first aid room when the sickness and dizziness became so overwhelming that I fainted

When I came round I was laid on the floor with staff all around me asking questions I couldn’t remember that they were as because I kept falling to sleep, an ambulance was called due to the fact that I fainted when in the ambulance I was taken to Hull royal infirmary to see why I fainted. Once in A&E i was seen by a doctor who said that I should have an x-ray to look at my finger to assess the damage. After a long wait I had an x-ray done it revealed that I had broken the tip of my middle finger so I am now having to do things with only 3 fingers because with a broken finger you have to tape it to the next one.

So far I have had to learn how to hold a drink with my right hand and how to call people using my right hand luckily for me it wasn’t my left hand because if it was then I would be in a much worse situation.



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