Trapped with my biggest enemy: myself

When I am out in Hull I have my own flat where I spend the majority of my time, for most teenagers the can spend a lot of their time in their room playing video games, watching TV and procrastinating on Facebook, I am however Different because the worst place for me at times is been in my room because when I am alone with myself my mind starts to play tricks on me, it makes feel isolated from everyone and really pulls me down. What makes it worse is that when I get into this downhill spiral all my energy and motivation falls and as a conscience of this I am unable to pull myself out from this low mood.

One of the ways I am preventing my mind from playing these mind games on me is by doing a wide variety of different things to distract me from my thoughts, some of the things that I am doing to distract myself are:

          Writing for Dan’s Life Site





          Working on various electrical and electronic projects


By doing the Above I am managing to fill my life with different activities it means that I am always too busy to allow my thinking to take control of my actions, so by reducing the amount of time I spend thinking I am preventing myself from letting my mood, motivation and resilience from dropping to a low level. 

I used to suffer from overthinking about every little thing and while I was over thinking I developed something that I call “Thinking and not feeling “I discussed this more in a previous blog the other day (please check it out it’s called “Change is good “) a lot of us do it without giving it a seconds thought, however over the last few weeks this habit is becoming less predominant I am now able to do thing without overthinking it too much this is due to myself distracting my mind so that I don’t overthink as much .



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