How I deal with Low mood

We all have different ways that we deal with low moods, some of them are more effective than others but one thing is common and that is that they work for us and help to boost our mood. Over the last few weeks I have had to use a wide verity of different methods to boost my mood some of them sound pretty obvious but they worked for me. So here they are:

·       Listen to upbeat music or any music – I found that Spotify has a mood bosting playlist and I now listen to it all the time.


·       Read a book – I am currently reading a novel called “Disclaimer” it is very addictive and is full of plot twists and I can’t put it down.


·       Watch a good film –  When I am feeling low I try to watch a comedy because they’re written to make you laugh, I am currently watching a Tv show from the BBC called “cuckoo “I find it extremely funny to watch and it is always guaranteed to pull my mood up.     


·       Sleep – As obvious as it sounds having a nab during the day helps to boost my mood It also helps me build up my energy levels after a long day at work.


·       Talking – for me this method of boosting my mood was massively underused I had a massive problem with just talking to people I didn’t even talk to my parents about how school was or how I was feeling, this gradually became a bigger issue as it caused me to have issues dealing with stress because I couldn’t talk to people about how I was feeling so my stresses built up this eventually led to me having seizures. However, over the last few months I have discovered how much a simple chat can help, I now have pretty much no stress in my life and I haven’t had a seizure since last September.    For me Talking to Emily always make me feel better and I can always tell her anything that bothers me, she really understands me and for me that really helps because it feels like am not alone.


·       Going for a walk – I have always liked walking and taking in my surroundings, I have found that it can help boost my mood when its low I don’t even have to go far, a 5-minute walk can do wonders for me as It give me time to think about what’s making me have a low mood.

That’s my list of things that helped me when I am suffering from low mood, I hope you find some of them useful and if there is something that helps you and I haven’t mentioned it please feel free to comment below.



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