A Plesent Sunday

8:50 am

I woke up earlier than id have liked despite the fact that on weekends your supposed to have a lie-in, even from a young age I have always liked to get up early on the weekends because it means that I can do more throughout the day, it is a glorious day outside the garden looks very bright and vibrant it makes a change to how it usually looks because it never really gets much light. The good weather is trying to tempt me to go for a walk around the village but I have got to do some college work so It will have to wait, hope fully I am able to see my baby girl before I go to hull but it is unlikely that I will be able to because she is usually is asleep until 11am on the weekend.

12:30 pm

I have just come back from driving with my dad, we go on weekly drives so that I get some experience behind the wheel its good fun and I learn a lot from doing it and as the weeks go by I am becoming more and more confident with the handling of the vehicle. Today was much the same as before apart from this time while we were driving along the route like we always do however when it came to switching drivers, we realised that during driving the route we had lost a wheel trim. In an effort to locate the missing trim we had to go back along the whole route and keep an eye out for the trim. But despite our best efforts we were unable to locate it so we are currently driving around with 3 wheel trims and one wing mirror cover the car is finally showing its age and I am surprised that it has lasted this long, it has done over 10,000 miles and has been all around the uk from London to Scotland. The weather has become cloudy and looks like it’s going to rain, hopefully the sun burns though the cloud level.


We arrived in hull this afternoon with plenty of daylight left so we decided to make the most of the time we had by walking around hull and showing my family the areas and what I do on a night. We dropped of my bags at my flat and then we walked over to the main shopping centre called st Stephens. We had a brief look around the shops before we walked to another shopping centre near the marina called princess quay, it is a beautiful shopping centre because it stands above the old dock and has water flowing around it. I usually walk over to it as I can get some stunning photos of the reflection that it casts over the water, on a night there are lots of lights that illuminate the water and the buildings around it. From princess quay we waked though the marina to the docks that are located just up from the marina. I was surprised with the size of the ships that were sat in the docks because I am always amazed at the massive feats of engineering that goes in to create such an enormous ship. After spending about half an hour looking at the dock we decided to go and get some food from “Ask “. It was a good way to end an overall pleasant day. Once I got back from Exploring Hull with my parents I came back to my flat and hope to skype Emily until I go to sleep later.

Here are some photos taken on my journey though Hull hope you like.



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