Change is good

One of the things that annoys me is how much I struggle to deal with change lately and I causes me to become snappy and moody at the people closest to me, I really don’t like feeling like that because I want to be able to be free to do what I want to do instead of being restricted by the rules I put upon myself.

So over the last few weeks I have been challenging myself to break my rules and not follow my routine to try and break the pattern that I was putting myself in, it has been working well so far and have been doing more without planning it and I believe that I am gradually becoming better at breaking my own boundary’s that I set my self.

I first realised about how strong my thinking was, was during a school trip to an outdoor activity centre called Bewerley Park where we did various outdoor activities from: mountain biking to bouldering and everything in-between. One of the activity’s that I participated in was called “ The leap of faith” which involved climbing a massive pole to a small platform on the top and jumping off onto a metal bar that was located 5 meters away from the platform. I was the first one from my group to have a go at the task, I slowly pulled myself up the steps and gradually I made my up to the platform, but however when I got to the top my brain was working overtime and was literally froze in thought about the jump that I was going to do, in total I must have spent 12 minutes’ just sat there thinking, this is what I now call “ thinking not feeling “ I use the term to describe when I spend too long thinking about the worst case scenario that could possibly happen instead of just doing it without worrying. This being said I am doing less thinking about the worst outcome and I am just doing it, by doing this it stops my mind form focusing on the past ,it also stops me from overthinking a situation furthermore It means that I am able to enjoy life more because I am not spending time worrying about little things.



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