Change of direction

This blog started as a way to dismiss my mood and put it out there for people to read about and understand more about how I was feeling , but since then the blog has changed into something more its not only about my mood anymore its changed into what I am doing day to day.Because the objectives of the blog has changed I believe that I should change how I write on the blog and how often I write on the blog.

Some of the changes that I think I should make are :

  • Larger blog posts that are more in-depth
  • post less often so that the material is not repeated
  • post more photos
  • cover more of my life in certain blog post

These changes will be taking place over the next few days so watch out.

ps Today is mine and Emily one year anniversary so my mood is massive, I love her so much she is my rock though hard times and she is always there for me and I cant wait for the years to come.



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