Trying something Different

Today Me and 4 friends drove to xscape in Castleford which is roughly 45 miles away, because we had booked a session at the indoor trampoline centre called gravity. We had looked at it online and decided it would be a fun experience for us however two of us had already been to somewhere similar. Our initial opinions of the space were somewhat disappointing because the website made it appear bigger than it actually was, but as soon as we started bouncing and messing about we all started to relax more and enjoy it. I was even surprised at how much I enjoyed it because at first I was a bit reserved about taking part in it because I didn’t think that I would enjoy it and that I wasn’t very good at it but by the end of our time slot we all were very glad we went to it.

My mood has remained unchanged for the last few days which I am glad about because It seams to be making me more focused and more productive meaning that I can get more completed during the day without losing interest, I am hoping that this is a turning point for me because the low mood appears to be more relived well at least for now it does.



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