A legend returns

Yesterday me And my parents went up onto the hills around Levisham so that we could get a chance to take some good photos of the iconic steam train the “Flying Scotsman” as she pulled round on of the many bends that are located on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway (NYMR) because she was visiting there for a few days. After parking the car in a car park on the hill side we walked around the top of the hills that overlooked the train line that ran though the valley below, we set up our camera on an out crop in front of the old ruined keep that used to over look the valley. At around 10;20 the Flying Scotsman crept round the bend in the line.

I managed to get several good shots of the train as it moved round the bend but due to the sudden change of temperature over the last few days it meant that there was a light fog that hung over the valley, this fog slightly effected the clarity of the photos taken during that day. I was however still very impressed with the photos I took thought out the day. and In my view was certainly worth the time it spent in restoration. I hope you enjoy the photos.




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