A calm saturday

Today was a calm and peaceful Saturday, it makes a change for the weather to so nice. As a typical teenager I had a lie in until 10Am before I had to get up because I had to attend a meeting in Ruston with my counsellor at 11Am so my mum woke me up so that I could get ready in time to go to my meeting . After my meeting I came home and skyped my girlfriend for a few hours, while I was on skype I was working on creating a laptop cooler using the fan from my old PlayStation 3. After working on it for a few hours I finally got it to work by using the old power supply unit and connecting it directly to the fan. The only issue now is the fact that the speed is too quick and that makes it sound like a jet craft is taking off.

I did manage to go for a walk today and took a lot of photos while I was out however, enjoy.


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