You are not alone

Today’s mood has been up and down again today, it started of low and then it picked up gradually throughout the morning and by 10 AM I was back to a okish mood, this mood stayed with me all-night and is with me now, hopefully it stays like this for the next few days because it is exhausting trying to pull my mood up. Anyway tonight I visited A local support group that aims to provide support for people with high-functioning autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, all I can say about it is wow, when I arrived I was introduced to the lady who leads the project, we had a tour of the place, it has everything: gaming room, computer room, pool table and a Lego room. I was introduced to everyone and they all seemed very nice. It helped my mood and reassured me that despite feeling so isolated I am not alone with how I feel and that there is support available. I look forward to going next Thursday.



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