A step into the unknown

On Monday I made the decision to pursue a new hobby while I am out in Hull. So After college on Monday I walked over to Jessops the photo shop and bought myself an entry level DSLR camera. In fact, I left the shop with everything I could possibly need to get started in digital photography (see photo) Last night I was experimenting I just getting a feel for it, I didn’t really achieve anything other than taking very bad photos of a white wall in my room. However today I wanted to take my cannon camera out and about to see what it could be capable of, so having done some preparation by downloading the App that walks you through the different settings that you can configure, I set off to go for a walk around the train station and the local shopping centre. Here are the photos that I took, be warned they aren’t very professional.


My haul from Jessops




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4 thoughts on “A step into the unknown

  1. adamrobertyoung says:

    Just wondering what your plans are to develop your skills? There’s a few key principles that will get you off to a really good start and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your images improve. Youtube’s a good starting place for some good tutorials that will point you in the right direction to begin with.

    Good luck, and enjoy the journey!

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      1. adamrobertyoung says:

        Really, without good composition and exposure (the amount of light your lens lets in when you take the photo), it’s hard to take a good photo, so I’d start there.

        Maybe Google “rules of composition” or “photography composition tips” something like that, and “nailing exposure” which should bring up some good starting points.

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