Day out in York

With today being mothering Sunday we decided to treat my Mum to a day out in York, but because it is her birthday on Tuesday we agreed to give her present today. She has gotten a SatNav so that she can become move confident with driving. The weather is partially cloudy but it is dry at the moment hope fully it stays dry for the rest of day because I don’t particularly like the idea of walking around York while it’s raining. At this point we are sat in pret a manger watching the world drift by it is surprisingly relaxing just sat here.

One of the strategies that my support worker suggested was distracting myself while in Hull and today me and my dad were discussing some hobbies that I could do, one of the ones suggested was photography I believe this will be something that could help to distract me and also it will get me out of my flat but also it will use the way I think in a creative way. Next week I am looking at getting my first DSLR camera.

Hopefully I can start taking descent looking photos within the upcoming days, so keep an eye out for upcoming photos.




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