Dan’s Life Blog

I Am creating this blog because I have recently being struggling with a constant low mood that I am unable to pick up. this low mood has lasted for 3 weeks so far and it is starting to effect my sleeping and eating routine meaning that some nights I am up at 3 am and cannot return to sleep I sometimes skip meals because I don’t feel like eating.

A  bit of background in 2014 I had a case of Non Epileptic Attack disorder which lead to seizures  where I would black out and start shacking violently. It got so bad that once I lost my memory because I had a Attack while in my bed and I hit my head of the back board causing my memory to be lost. After I had many different scans and consolations with doctors and therapists they put the reason down to stress.

Once they realised it was stress that was causing the seizers an investigation was conducted to find out what was causing  the stress and after talking with my therapist and doing various questionnaires I found out that I have some traits of Asperger syndrome. at this point I had a decision to make about weather to continue with a diagnosis.

At that point I decided not to go with a diagnosis as I didn’t want to be given a label with it. Time has passed and I can cope with the condition better and I haven’t had any more seizures but now I have the constant low mood which I cannot shift. One of my support workers suggested that I create a blog to document how I am feeling and talk about my condition.



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